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Well Cementing Services

Our Equipment

Morganick continues to expand with a growing fleet of cement pumpers, bulk and squeeze units ready to deploy.
CAT slow rate pumps and dustless, high-energy mixing heads; our equipment is optimized to deliver less than one percent gas migration and surface casing vent flow.
Zero downtime targets through rigorous maintenance and built-in redundancy features help ensure projects run smoothly every time.
Better execution with protocols and decision making from real-time rate, pressure, and density data streamed directly to the rig leads.

Equipment Capabilities

Single Cementers

Cummins 425 Hp ISX engines, Allison automatic transmissions, Pacemaker Triplex 15K pumps, E&H Coriolis meter, E&H Mag flow meter, 5x6 Gould centrifugal pumps, 2x3 Gould water pumps, Dustless mixing heads, 1.5 m³ mixing & fresh water tanks, State of the art data acquisition system with the ability to broadcast cementing data to the rig for remote viewing. Climate controlled operator cab. Electronic OPSD primary shut down, putting the transmission into neutral when maximum pressure has been reached.

Slow Rate Pumps

Cat slow rate pumps with rates as low as 5 L/Min and up to 100 L/Min with a max pressure of 15 MPa. Each unit has the ability to pump with either the 4.5” triplex or the slow rate pump without having to stop to switch valves or suctions.

Bulk Units

12 tandem axle bulk units with the ability to haul up to 21 tonnes of bulk product with no road restrictions. We have optimized these units to ensure uninterrupted bulk delivery during critical cementing operations. We also utilize two super B’s for moving large volumes to and from remote locations as well as fill bulk storage on well sites.

Bulk Storage

A large inventory of portable bulk storage silos for onsite use. Our storage vessels are designed to hold 40 tons of bulk cement and provide the best possible cement delivery. We use a maximum of 15 PSI in our systems. All our storage silos are equipped with pop off valves to limit pressure these vessels. We also have a bed truck to provide delivery and relocation of these silos if necessary.